Change can be daunting. I mean – there is a reason they are called COMFORT zones, right?

Well, welcome to me and my hair cut. I have had more or less the same cut forever. Add bangs or take them away but it is still the same cut. The main reason for this is fear. I have tried to get new cuts (or even the same cut with a new hairdresser!) and received disastrous results. Whether it be crooked or way too short bangs or ridiculously chopped in the back, it has been bad!

Get over fear change happy life

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Arkansas. The natural state full of the smell of honey suckle and great views of mountains, rivers and fields.

Sorry, I fell behind on my posts. Hopefully the following photos make up for the lapse! My sister and I went on a road trip to visit my best friend, god children, cousin and grandparents. First my sister made her maiden voyage driving by herself from Texas to see me in Louisiana.

Our first night was full of me packing like a mad woman (and entertaining my sister) and a yummy meal at a local restaurant. She ordered a turkey-bbq-cheddar-tomato sandwich with house chips while I ordered the cauliflower jambalaya with roasted broccoli. Delicious! My sister is a fan of “whole” foods and not a fan of beef. For the most part, she encouraged me to eat better than I typically do on road trips.

The next morning, I got an oil change that included all my fluids checked as well as the air pressure in my tires. After receiving the green light that all was good with my little blueberry of a car we set off towards Arkansas!

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college, list,

Is it college yet?

college, list, basics

Only a few of you will know I stole that from Daria. Bonus points to you!

Like Daria, time escapes us and we wonder what the future will bring. Whether headed to a college close to home or far away the transition can be daunting.

Well, I have spent entirely too much time in college over my life time. In this time, I attended three separate colleges. One, in a dorm and apartment and then two others in apartment living.

Honestly, I followed so many useless charts listing hundreds of things that I needed to have the ideal first year of college. Although I still bought many items I didn’t need. Following in depth lists like this will ensure you waste hundreds of dollars. This post will hopefully be generic yet focused enough to not lead you to wasted time nor money.

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christmas july history origin

We joke about Christmas in July all the time, right? In advertising, movies, even when we are wishing for a reprieve from the summer heat. Some may even think that this popular phrase refers to how stores begin setting up their holiday displays earlier and earlier each year just to raise their profit line.

For me, Christmas in July represents a warning to start planning the seasonal festivities and making my gift list. I have some tips to help with this towards the end of this post. But first, a little bit of back story to explain this origin of Christmas in July.


Origin of Christmas in July:

christmas july history origin

Considering the religious connection where historians place the birth of Jesus in the Middle East it is easy to assume there weren’t mounds of snow and ice. Historically, Christmas should take place between late spring and early fall due to sheep herding schedules.  Of course, this time was accompanied by the dry desert heat.

The Encyclopedia Americana, 1956 edition, adds:

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