A lot of us have heard the buzz word: Carpal Tunnel. Have pain in your wrist? Pain in your hand? Must have that tunnel thing! Sadly, even doctors misdiagnose these pains without further information. With the correct information Carpal Tunnel can be treated or even corrected. Even better, when properly investigated there will be less time wasted treating an underlying injury incorrectly.

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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS):

  • An entrapment of the median nerve causing numbness, tingling, pain, burning and weakness. This entrapment is usually in the wrist but the pain can travel into the hand, forearm, elbow or even shoulder. Nocturnal pain preventing sleep is common.

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Containing cinema classics. My title is covered in works that start with C. Honestly, that was my weekend and it was fantastic!

This was my first weekend in over a month that there was no travelling, no emergencies, no work (scheduled but didn’t have to go in!) and no true “to do” list items. Amazing. Furthermore, as an introvert, a day or two of quiet was well needed. After being pretty much a bum, cuddling with my dog in my recliner away from everyone and absolutely no physical contact with anyone all day. What as to be done? Nothing. No really, nothing. No T.V. It was glorious. I read, dozed, cuddled with my dog and thought about doing things and continued to not do them. Most of all, no feelings of guilt ensued after being non stop for over a month. Sunday was slightly more productive.

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Life gets tough. We all have stuff happen. Lord knows I feel like I have had my fill lately. Between:

  1. Best friend being in a car accident
  2. Grandfather having heart surgery
  3. Papaw totaling a car (2nd in a year)
  4. Stuck in Houston during Hurricane Harvey
  5. Boyfriend falling off a ladder/ankle surgery
  6. Dad about to lose his job
  7. Unexpected medical bills in the mail
  8. Car trouble
  9. Coworkers sick – calling in (I love ya’ll – it’s ok, but still stressful!)
  10. Normal day to day life stuff

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Check out some tips to use through out your day or week to keep your positivity flowing!

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At this point everyone knows about the hurricane devastation Harvey caused in Houston, Texas.

As mentioned in my previous post; I was in Houston for my boyfriends surgery Friday morning. The plan had been to make my dad his birthday dinner Saturday night, leave early Sunday morning. The news predicted that it wouldn’t be to bad until midday Sunday. Historically, Houston has experienced Hurricanes and tropical storms a plenty and been fine. The craziness of Harvey is that the predicted tropical storm elevated extremely fast into a hurricane. Within 48 hours the power of the storm moved into a category 4 hurricane.

Furthermore, Houston had purposefully not ordered a mandatory evacuation. Here is a perfect reason why:

Hurricane Rita

Twelve years ago, class 5 Hurricane Rita thundered toward Houston, prompting the largest mass evacuation in U.S. history. I captured this shot from the Woodlands Parkway flyover as thousands of families crawled away north. More than 100 people would die on interstate 45 that day as a result of car accidents and dehydration. A day later, Rita hooked a hard right, and Houston barely saw a drop of rain.


I lived in Huntsville, TX during Rita. I remember insanity and worrying about my boyfriend stuck in traffic on this very interstate trying to get to his job. Yes, his job. After this, contraflow lanes were established. Have you seen the signs about evacuation routes? How the lanes will be reversed? These exist with the hope that this will never happen again. So, I thought leaving Sunday morning I would be fine. Maybe a detour, but good to get to work on Monday.

As we all now know. That did not happen.

I actually did not make it back to Louisiana until late Tuesday night. My fantastic father used online maps that depicted road closures, traffic speed and even traffic cameras to direct me through toll roads (with no toll tag) and going wrong way down roads. I white knuckled the entire drive home, using roads I have never traveled. By the grace of God I made it home safely.

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Working with patients who have Parkinson’s Disease in rehab, as well as having a great grandfather fight this disease for years makes this a very personal topic for me.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

According to Parkinson.org :

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people. Most people’s symptoms take years to develop, and they live for years with the disease.

Essentially, what this is saying is that it is very common for someone to not realize they have this disease until it has progressed for years. In this time, there is damage to parts of the brain that controls movement. Loss of dopamine that can lead to depression. And, can even have symptoms of lowering cognition.

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